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Brian Mor Ó Baoighill  (1939 - 2012)

Selected Tributes


Brian was an indefatigable artist of prolific output. His work touched many and scorched more. He had been ill for some time but never failed to keep in touch with us. Always there, offering moral support, while expressing regret that his eyesight would not permit him to add to his prodigious volume of work. A bane of the Section 31 mentality that so often managed to co-opt those it once censored, Brian was a tireless advocate of those who would not be silenced. He will be remembered long after the censors have been forgotten. 

Anthony McIntyre


I never met Brian Mór Ó Baoighill in person. I was banned from the United States from January 1974 and he had not visited Ireland. However, he interviewed me on numerous occasions as part of the team working for Ireland’s unity and freedom on Radio Free Éireann.

I was impressed by his grasp of the realities of the Irish situation and in his incisive questioning he did not spare me. That was his duty as a journalist and he fulfilled it ably. All in all he was a dedicated and sincere Irish Republican.

Brian Mór was positive and forward-looking and I expected to meet him the weekend of May 19 on his visit to Dublin to be honoured with the other veterans from each of the four provinces of Ireland.

But the Good Lord intervened and it was not to be. His work for Irish freedom will always be an inspiration to us. Ar dheis Dé go raimh a anam calma, uasal.

Ruairí Ó Brádaigh